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Inspection Services

Not all inspections are created equal. CECS provides in depth inspection services that not only identify problems as they exist but also includes forensic examination, analysis and determination of how a problem came to be and what's required to eliminate the problem. Don's extensive experience in construction, contracting and development provides his clients with the facts needed to make informed decisions as disputes escalate. Would it not be beneficial to know that you have a strong, winnable, case before you spend several thousands of dollars with little or no results. Don's expertise with mediation and arbitration can help logically sort out roadblocks that can make a client's case financially feasible.

Customers for inspection services may include any party that has a financial interest in the property. Don's clients typically include potential buyers, individuals, property owners, attorneys, financial institutions, insurance companies, construction companies and property maintenance firms.

Don and his associates utilize technology and leading edge industry software during the inspection process to ensure all aspects of the inspection are fully documented on site. The reports generated for each inspection represent the best practices within the industry and are an invaluable tool in the equitable resolution of issues and dispute.

Dispute Resolution

Don Pratt’s expert analysis and testimony has been utilized by attorneys, insurance companies, financial institutions and homeowners over 700 times to resolve construction disputes.

Litigation is a last resort with little chance for a second opportunity to present your case. It is said that “appeals are for losers” and the limited number of cases that are reversed on appeal prove the point. It is vital to enter the dispute resolution process with a clear understanding of the facts and a well-qualified expert witness.

Don’s 40 plus years experience as a Builder, Remodeler, General Contractor, Developer, Property Owner, Business Owner and Building Code Author, coupled with his myriad credentials (as noted in his Resume) assure that his clients are provided a complete and accurate factual analysis and that his expert testimony will be given high regard at trial or in settlement negotiations. Don has the experience and knowledge necessary to “deconstruct” a construction issue through analysis of the design, workmanship (including code compliance) and materials.

Litigation and Expert Witness Services

Don is a recognized expert witness within the legal community and has provided expert testimony in disputes concerning all aspects of construction. In addition to inspection services, Don, together with his associates, also provides residential home inspections most often relating to a sale of property. While standard home inspections are useful in identifying potential issues, CECS inspections go further in identifying the root cause of the problems while providing expertise in remediation of the problem and, in some cases, the associated cost.

Representative Projects as a Consultant