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Litigation Services / Expert Witness Testimony

Don is a recognized and respected provider of expert analysis of construction related cases involving most every facet of the industry. His testimony has helped attorneys, insurance companies, financial institutions and home owners to formulate their positions through an intelligent, systematic and organized progression of thoughts and exhibits to best present their cases.

Litigation is a costly, time consuming and frustrating reality which can sometimes be avoided but unfortunately, in many cases, remains the only means for a fair and equitable resolution of a dispute. Even with the best of inspections and thorough due diligence, unseen problems can arise with the passing of time. In many cases this results from the use of inferior materials not suited for the project, poor design, non-compliance with building codes or just shoddy workmanship. Unfortunately these problems may lie hidden for years before becoming visible to the property owner.

These are the times when it is absolutely essential to bring together an experienced, knowledgeable team to represent your interests. Don, through his 40 plus years as a builder, general contractor, developer, property owner, business owner and building code author, has the experience and knowledge to "deconstruct" the issue and analyze the materials, design, code compliance and workmanship based on the objective facts and determine the specific cause of the failure. Additionally, Don is fully qualified to present the way something should have been done originally and can also indicate what must be done too eliminate the problem.

Litigation is a last resort with little chance for a second opportunity to present your case. It is vital to enter the process with the best and most qualified expert witnesses to provide a step-by-step analysis of the documented facts. This can only be accomplished by experienced and knowledgeable individuals intimately involved in all phases of building and construction.